Do you know why seals perform ”banana pose“?

The seal's round face and fat body, as well as the seemingly smiling expression, always make their photos look very healing. A very common POSE of seals is that only the waist is on the ground and the head and feet are raised to pose in a posture just like   ︶   . This has a name called banana pose .

A recent Buzzfeed article stated: When a seal bends itself like a banana, there is actually another reason besides being comfortable.

Let’s take a look at what this seal demonstrates as banana pose.

In addition to the comfort of this POSE, the seal posing in a banana pose is mainly related to their physiology. This posture can help seals regulate their body temperature.

If the weather is too hot or too cold, they will adjust their body temperature by raising their flippers and/or hands

In addition, it is not difficult to understand the photos of seals. Almost all the fat they use to keep out the cold is stored in the middle of the body, so it is normal to raise their feet to avoid the cold water.

Therefore, we designed our latest "banana pose seal doll" based on this cute seal pose!

Banana post seal pillow

These cute seals are the best cuddle pal to enjoy a cozy evening at home. They look so cute because they are actually modeled after real Spotted Seals who are renowned for their chubby blob like appearance.

Hyper Realistic- Inspired by the many spotted seals who like banana poses,  this Seal is so chubby that we have replicated its special posture into our pillow.

This chubby seal pillow has high-quality down cotton filling give you better skin touch feeling. Chic soft and it feels like you are hugging a cotton candy.

With its super cute life like appearance this makes for a great gift for friends and family to be enjoyed all over the world.

Banana post seal pillow

Do you want this new seal stuffed toy?

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