How to Choose Safer and Perfect Stuffed Animal Plush Toys?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing stuffed animal plush toys

1.The appearance of plush toy: The good plush toy should be well done in appearance, especially the head of the toy. 

2.The stuffed animal smell: Low-quality plush toy will emit a bad chemical smell, but please note that some high-quality plush toys also emit a polyester fiber smell, but it is not a bad chemical smell.

3.The touch of plush toys: A good stuffed animal plush toy is carefully selected for materials, and it must feel soft to the touch. However, due to poor processing, inferior plush toy will greatly reduce the feel. Some plush is rough and knotted, and some have a stiff feel.

-Example: This pirated and poor quality plush toy, The appearance is not beautiful, it is a copy of a product, and the quality is very poor, and the plush on the surface is messy. It made me laugh! ⬇

funny plush toy

4.The stitches for plush toys: Inferior plush toy have messy stitches, and even exposed fillers or extra threads. The seams of high-quality stuffed plush toy are more neat and neat, and there will never be leakage of fillers or long exposed threads.

5.The stuffing for plush toys: The fillings in some plush toys are all industrial leftovers, and the color is also black and dark. A good filler should be soft, white and have no pungent odor.

6.Pay attention to the parts on the plush toy: When purchasing a plush toy, it is best to check the parts of the plush toy, touch the edges of the parts to see if there are any spikes; pull the zipper to see if it will be stuck; shake the parts , to see if it is firm.

7.Check the tag or label of the plush toy: Regarding the product description, we mainly look at whether the washing method is marked, and the correct washing method is one of the proofs that the product is qualified.

8.The price of plush toys: Don't take home a bad plush toy just because it's cheap. These toys not only cannot stay with us for a long time, but also cause great harm to children because of the chemical smell emitted, small parts falling off and even weird expressions.

So ideally, a safe and perfect plush toy should have a refined appearance, no unpleasant chemical smell, softness, neat stitching, high-quality stuffing, sturdy parts and have a hang tag or wash label.

Stuffed animal plush toys

For baby under 3 years old, in fact, when we buy plush toys for babies, we should pay more attention to more aspects in our purchase requirements.


Some tips when choosing safe stuffed animal plush toys for babies

A high-quality plush doll can allow babies to practice hugging, and can also play a role in comfort and companionship; cute stuffed animal plush toys are soft in texture and bright in color, and can also give babies a good tactile and visual experience.

In addition to paying attention to the important points at the beginning of the article, you also need to pay attention to buying plush toys for babies under 3 years old:

1. Pay special attention to small parts on stuffed animals such as buttons, strings, decorations, etc.

The eyes and nose of some plush toys are sewn with buttons. It is best not to buy them, so as to avoid the danger of being eaten by the baby after the buttons fall off. In addition, some plush toys have string-like decorations, such as bows, ribbons, necklaces, etc. These may entangle the baby's little fingers. If the parents do not find out in time, it may cause the baby's local tissue ischemia and cause danger.

2. In addition to paying attention to the details of the stuffed animal plush toys, size and weight are also important.

The stuffed animal plush toys that are too big and heavy are not conducive to babies practicing hugging. Placing them in the crib will occupy the baby's sleeping space. Once the baby turns over and presses his face on the plushies, it may cause suffocation.

3.Check the stuffing and texture of the stuffed animal plush toys.

If the plush toy loses hair, the tiny fluff may be sucked into the lungs by the baby, which will damage the baby's health. Some plush toys are filled with small silica gel particles in the belly. Once such toys are damaged and the silica gel particles leak, they are likely to be eaten by the baby. Parents should pay special attention to avoid choosing such plushies for their babies.Therefore, try to choose a plush toy that does not shed hair and has no silica gel particles in the filling.

Baby Stuffed animal plush toys


KEAIART Stuffed Animal Plush Toys

In KEAIART, our top priority is high quality and high safety requirements for plush toys, we always ensure that our plush toys are certified by European EN71 and American CPCS. All of our toys are tested for CE marking. All of our plush toys are made to the highest standards, if you have any issues with our toys please feel free to contact us.

It is our company's aim to let customers order plush toys with great value for money and high quality.

KEAIART Stuffed Animal Plush Toys


FAQ about more stuffed animal plush toys

1.How to wash plush toys? Should new plush toys be cleaned?

There are three common ways to clean your stuffed animal plush toys, dry cleaning with baking soda or salt, machine washing or hand washing. It is necessary to choose a suitable method for cleaning according to the characteristics of different plush toys.

Please check our article where we have detailed advice on how to wash your plush partner. 

Click Here: How to Wash Stuffed Animals Without Damaging Them?


2. Is it normal for adults to cuddle with stuffed animal plush toys?

It is perfectly acceptable and normal for adults to own stuffed animals. Many adults find comfort in plush toys, which can help them reduce stress, relieve loneliness and improve their overall sense of well-being. Plush toys can also serve as remind of happy childhood memories.

Seal Plush Pillow


3.Is a plush a good gift for anyone?

My answer is: yes!

I mean, with the right person and scene, a stuffed animal plush toy has the potential to be a good gift, because it is indeed both ornamental and practical.

At the same time, a good plush toy can relieve the tension, anxiety and exhaustion in work, family and social life, so it is a good gift choice.

But we recommend high-quality plush toys as gifts, such as high-quality toy brands, high-quality plush toys with unique designs and etc.

In fact, I would like to recommend here our chubby stuffed animal plush toys designed in cooperation with China National Geographic. These independently designed plush toys are unique in shape and high quality. If you want to give plush toys as gifts Ideas, you can learn about our products.

-KEAIART Chubby Stuffed Animal Plush Toys


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