Handmade Carved Wooden Capybara Animal Figurine
- Unique in carved capybara shape, natural wood and handcrafted. Each piece is selected and crafted, and every detail is patiently polished to reflect the spirit of craftsmanship everywhere. -85% Okoume Wood and 15% North American Black Walnut Wood. -These...
Cool Capybara Stuffed Plush Toy, Animal Plushies
Cool capybara design with cool hairstyle(Hair style can be adjusted). Lifting up anyone mood and spirit at any time with a big hug. So comfortable and peaceful. Soft plush made of 100% Polyester Fiber. This stuffed Capybara is 25cm/10inches(38cm/14.9inches) and made...
from $18.88
Realistic Capybara Stuffed Animal Plush Toy
Realistic styling, made with high quality fabric and impeccable attention to detail. Silky plush makes this capybara both huggable and durable.Best gifts for girls, children or Capybara lover, such as birthday, holiday. Good decoration for parties, supplies, such as Valentine's...
Capybara Stuffed Animal Plush Toy, Six Style Capybara Plushies
-These plush toys feature a cute and lovable Capybara, adding a touch of charm to any collection. With its expressive face and stable emotions,Its unique and eye-catching design makes it a perfect creative gift for anyone who loves capybaras. -Made...
from $19.99
Birthday Capybara Stuffed Plush Toy, Capybara Plushies
-Our Stuffed Capybara offers more than meets the eye. Whether you seek a companion for those solitary moments or a plush pal to embrace, this capybara plush toy has you covered. -With its amusing form and endearing expression, this Capybara...
from $18.90
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