What is Central Bearded Dragon? Are Central Bearded Dragons Good Pets?

Central Bearded Dragon

Maned lizards belong to the family of flying lizards, a class of lizards that are active during daytime, mainly in the hot and arid deserts and wildernesses of eastern Australia. They have a sturdy body, about 40 cm in length, and their head and sides are covered with spiny scales, making them look very powerful. After years of artificial breeding and selection, the maned lizard has been bred into many strains, which, together with its closeness to people, makes it a very popular pet.

Bearded dragons are good pets because they are generally peaceful and nice reptiles. They have a tendency to be passive, and they generally get calmer as they age. Beardies enjoy interactions with their people, which is something that isn't the case with all pet reptiles.

Bearded dragons make a great pet for children and adults on the go. The main aspect of their care is getting the environment right. Once you have the correct setup with the right UVB and temperatures they are incredibly easy animals to care for.


How long does the Central Bearded Dragon live?

1. The lifespan of a Central Bearded Dragon is about 7-10 years. The life span of the artificially reared Central Bearded Dragon is 1-2 years longer than that of the wild Central Bearded Dragon, but the specific length of life span is still related to the owner's degree of care.

2. Central Bearded Dragon are mild in character and generally do not actively attack humans, but when they receive fright they will puff up their throats and open their mouths to scare intruders.

What food does the Central Bearded Dragon eat?

Crickets, breadworms, super wheat skin worms, grasshoppers and other insects are all accepted, and the proportion of meat takes up 2/3 of the daily intake, and of course, it also takes vegetables and fruits, accounting for 1/3 of the daily intake.

2. Feeding frequency is high for juveniles, about 2-3 times a day, and once every 2 days for adults, so you can feed crickets 2 times and then vegetables for the third time.


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