What are the good methods and techniques for storing plush toys?

01. Suspension method
It is recommended to use storage hanging bags, these can be found on some treasures, or you can buy them at the home furnishing store. The advantage of this type of storage method is that the toys can be hung up without occupying any space. The disadvantage is that the mouth of the bag is small, and it is not easy to put a big doll in.


02. The clapboard nailed to the wall
Many families use this arrangement to store them, using partitions to make multiple grids on the wall and then place them separately according to the size of the toy. This kind of storage is relatively simple, clear at a glance, and can also add some decorative interest to the home decoration.


03. Fabric or woven storage basket
Such storage baskets are more beautiful in appearance and simple to store, so children can easily throw the dolls into the basket. However, the selected storage baskets need to have a certain volume, which will occupy a piece of floor space in the home.


04. A toy rack that can be placed on the wall or corner
This type of toy rack can also be purchased online. You can choose a suitable toy rack according to your own storage space. This storage method can save floor space. After choosing a suitable toy rack, you can add some decorations you like a little, and it is also a way to add soft decorations to your home.


05. Behind the door pendant
This is relatively easy to achieve, that is, buy some pendants behind the door. This storage method is very interesting. You can DIY a hanging pocket with your child and place it behind the door. However, this type of pendant is not suitable for dolls of too large size, which will affect the closing of the door.

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