Why were stuffed animals made?

Plush toys(plush toys manufacturers) first began in the early 19th century. In a small town in the United States, there is an inadvertent masterpiece of a grocery store owner who can do tailoring. One day, he had a whimsy, found some broken sheepskins, used his tailoring techniques, and stitched together to make a very cute puppy. The surrounding neighbors looked very fond of it. He took the opportunity to think that this is a good way to make money. So I collected a lot of broken sheepskin and made a number of toy bears. Put it in the store for sale. He also took a beautiful name “Teddy Bear” for this little teddy bear. Later, the development of the matter made the store owner unexpected, and the sales were surprisingly good.

In 1902, Stafos began to specialize in the production of “Teddy Bear” plush toys, opening the road to the industrialization of plush toys. Although a hundred years have passed, more and more new toys, but everyone’s love for plush toys has increased, and plush toys are still the favorite of everyone and love the longest duration of a toy.

Teddy Bear Chinese translation for teddy bears, but according to the local US statement should be called “Roosevelt Bear.” Strictly speaking, the plush bear toy that we usually have now is not really a “Teddy Bear.” Just like the car has different appearances, specifications, and labels, the plush bears also have different brands, styles, appearances, and even designers. There is no way to represent all the teddy bears with teddy bears. However, because the teddy bears are actually It has been applied too widely, and people often refer to all plush teddy bears as “Teddy Bears”.

In fact, the teddy bear was originally an independent proper noun. The most correct statement should be only before the First World War, that is when President Roosevelt was in office. The bear made between 1903 and 1912 can be called a teddy bear.

The teddy bears made during this period may also be because of the favor of President Roosevelt. It was very popular at the time. Therefore, it can be said that it is the old ancestor of the plush bear. It has a full body and limbs, fluffy warm Angora wool, simple materials, and embroidery threads, a thick expression, and 100% hand-stitching and stuffing. Whether from the United States or Europe, the spirits that have survived the ancient years, still exist today, are still favored by the bear family.

But this real teddy bear, the so-called antique bear, is now hard to trace. Only in the books, museums, or collectors’ homes, we can see it cute and noble. However, these teddy bears, which are still in the same landscape, have revived under the current human retro trend and the memory of history, as well as the concept of auction and collectors’ preservation of value. Imitate the replica bears of the time, or the toys that specifically imitate the old-fashioned retro bear version.

Although after more than a century, more than 100 years. But this old toy of Teddy Bear, after all, records the history of the toy years. It inherits the brand of toy history, which shows the ancient civilization of the history of human toys. Let humans remember it forever, forever.

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