How to store Plush Toys? 7 Creative ways!

Kids can’t get enough with plush toys. They’re soft, huggable and often become your child’s best friends in all of their adventures. But we know sometimes there just too many stuffed animals laying around the house and you feel like they’re starting to invade every inch of your personal space. If your kids love stuffed animals but you need an effective way to keep them under control (at least temporarily), check out these creative ways to store your kids’ plush toys. You’ll want to run to the store to make your own!


Just because you need some place to keep your kids plush toys in control doesn’t mean they have to be hidden. In fact, toys and stuffed animals are so cute they can even be a fundamental part of the children’s bedroom decoration. A great way to accomplish this is to create toy hammocks. You can purchase net hammocks or you can make your own from net, mesh or whichever fabric you like. These hammocks are smaller than a regular one and can be hung on a corner of the bedroom or even on the same side of a wall. Simply nail your hammock to the wall (at a height your kids can reach if they’re old enough or a little taller if you don’t want them to reach them alone) and stuff the hammock with the plush toys that take up most space.

Shoe bag under the bed

If storing your kids’ plush toys at plain sight doesn’t really interest you, there are other clever solutions to save space and prevent the stuffed animals from spreading all over the house. Simply purchase a fabric shoe bag (those big rectangular boxes that come with a big zipper) and store small plush toys in each shoe space. If you have bigger toys you can remove the separation lines and just stuff the box with everything that fits. ¡At the end of the day simply get your kids to store they plush toys under the bed and voila! It’s like nothing happened.

Vacuum-seal bags

Sometimes we need a more long-term solution to having dozens of plush toys laying around the house. This storage solution is particularly useful if your kids are all grown up and stopped using their stuffed animals, if you’re going on a long trip or if you’re moving and you need to save space. Simply purchase one of those special vacuum-seal bags and stuff it completely with your kids plush toys. When the bag is completely full, start vacuuming and remove all the extra air so the bag compresses and you can store it on a small place or take it with you in a convenient manner.

Shoe rack

Another item originally created to store your shoes can easily become your best friend when it comes to storing plush toys. You can purchase or make your own hanging fabric shoe rack -those that you hang on the door and store shoes vertically- and start stuffing each spot with your kids’ stuffed animals. Not only is this a great storing solution because they’ll be away from the ground, it’ll also look cool and your kids will have access to it whenever they need to reach them.

Toy Chair

One of the best ways to up cycle furniture is to give them a whole new purpose. If you need a new and original way to store your kids’ plush toys, simply purchase a thrift store chair or take an old one that’s laying around in your attic without being used. It’s best if you pick a chair that’s ample enough to contain all of the stuffed animals. You can also sew a few pockets and hang them on the armrest of the chairs to get some extra storing space. The chair will look great filled with your children’s favorite plush toys.

Animal Zoo

If you’re feeling particularly crafty and want to create an extra-special way to store your kids’ plush toys and decorate them, this is the way to go. Simply build a small (or big, the size you want) cube made with wooden bars and paint it the color you want. Then tie up strings or elastic bands like they were cage bars. Your kids will have so much fun playing “stuffed animal zoo” and storing their plush toys or taking them out as a game.

Wall Planters

We love storing solutions that involve giving old items a second use. You can take a used wall planter or fruit wall hanger and drill it onto your kids bedroom’s wall. Then use it to stuff your plush toys so they also serve as wall decor. Drill a couple more of wall planters vertically so you leave some of them at your kid’s reach.


As you can see, you kids’ stuffed animals don’t have to be a hassle for you. Let your children keep enjoying their toys and have fun with them at all times, with our storing solutions you’ll only have to worry about buying them more to add to their collection! Check out some of the best plush toys for kids in our website, such as novelty baby penguinCute banana post seal plush and the all-time classic Alpaca.

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